Day 2: Detailed Program / 第2天日程

Updated on 5 October 2011 / 更新于2011年10月5日

Day 2 (8 October 2011, Saturday)
108 (星期六) 2
8:30 AM
Forum Registration 大會報到
Plenary Sessions (Auditorium, 3/F; 702 pax) 全體會議(3樓演講廳; 702座位)
9:30 AM
Keynote Speech*: From Molecules to Population
Prof W Ed HAMMOND, Director, Duke Center for Health Informatics, Duke University
美國杜克大學 杜克健康信息中心 主任 W Ed HAMMOND 教授
Moderator: Ms Vicky FUNG 馮起小姐
10:00 AM
Keynote Speech*: The Role of Terminology and eHealth: A Report from the US National Institutes of Health
Dr James J CIMINO, Chief, Laboratory for Informatics Development, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, USA
美國 國家健康臨床中心研究院 信息發展實驗室 主任 James J CIMINO 醫生
Moderator: Ms Vicky FUNG 馮起小姐
10:30 AM
Break 小休
Semi-Plenary Session*
Auditorium, 3/F; 702 pax
3樓演講廳; 702座位
 Latest Technologies in eHealth
Call-for-Abstracts Breakout Session分組會議
Meeting Rms 5-6, 7/F (130 pax) 7樓會議室5-6 (130座位)
 Improving Quality & Safety 提升醫療服務質素及安全
10:40 AM
Healthcare in the Cloud
Mr Baldur JOHNSEN, Director, Healthcare Provider Product Management, Office of Strategy & Technology/Business Solutions, Hewlett-Packard
(30 min)
Health Care in the networked world
Ms Cynthia PUN, Sales Director, Government & Public Services, Huawei (20 min)
eHealth IV&V
Mr Ted SHERLOCK, Chief Executive Officer, Aversan, Inc (20 min)
Moderator: Mr Ray CHEUNG張應心先生
Pilot Implementation of Profiling Automated Dispensing Cabinet in St. Teresa’s Hospital (STH)
Mr Pascal Wing Kan TSE, Chief Information Technology Officer, Information Technology Services Department, St. Teresa's Hospital (15 min)
The beginning of cancer patient journey: Automated cancer result notification for better patient care
Dr Sharon Ming Yan WONG, Health Informatician, Information Technology Services, Hong Kong Hospital Authority (15 min)
To prescribe medication safely electronically with intelligence - dosage adjustment for renal impairment
Dr Joyce Ka Yin CHAN, Health Informatician, Information Technology Services, Hong Kong Hospital Authority (15 min)
Moderator: Mr Anthony CHEUNG張偉民先生
Plenary Sessions(Auditorium, 3/F; 702 pax)  全體會議(3樓演講廳; 702座位)
11:50 AM
Keynote Speech*: Evolution of Global HIT-Where Does China Stand on the Global HIT Continuum?
Mr Sheldon I DORENFEST, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Dorenfest Group and the Dorenfest China Healthcare Group
Dorenfest集團及Dorenfest中國醫療集團 主席及行政總裁Sheldon I DORENFEST先生
Moderator: Dr NT CHEUNG張毅翔醫生
12:20 PM
Luncheon (Chinese Restaurant on 13/F)
Panel Discussion 小組討論*
(Auditorium, 3/F; 702 pax) (3樓演講廳; 702座位)
Call-for-Abstracts Breakout Session分組會議
Meeting Rms 5-6, 7/F (130 pax) 7樓會議室5-6 (130座位)
 Aging as a Driving Factor for eHealth & Mobile Health / Tele Health
2:00 PM
Description: An overview of government-led strategies and roadmap of health informatics in different regions.
Language: Putonghua
Prof LI Baoluo, Vice Chairman, China Hospital Information Management Association (CHIMA) and Professor, IT Center, Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Dr MENG Qun, Director, Center for Statistics Information, Ministry of Health, People’s Republic of China
Prof Chien-Yeh HSU, President, Taiwan Association for Medical Informatics (TAMI)
Dr CHAN Wai Sin, Deputy Director, Health Bureau, the Government of the Macau SAR and Director Hospital 
Dr KM Choy, Consultant (Public-Private-Partnership), Food and Health Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR
Examining incentives and barriers in the nurses’ use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Hong Kong
Mr CHOY Ming Kin, Surgical Nurse, Cardiac Catheterization & Intervention Center, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (15 min)
Electronic Elderly Home Management System (eCare) - Experience Sharing
Mr Alan YOUNG, Principal Information Officer, Caritas Information Technology Advancement Centre, Caritas-Hong Kong (15 min)
Moderator: Mr Michael FUNG 馮達成先生
Semi-Plenary Session*半全會*
Auditorium, 3/F; 702 pax
3樓演講廳; 702座位
 Latest Technologies in eHealth
Panel Discussion小組討論
Meeting Rm, 4/F (140 pax)
Private Hospital Computerization Adoption
Call-for-Abstracts Breakout Session分組會議
Meeting Rms 14-15, 7/F (130 pax)
7樓會議室14-15 (130座位)
Health Data Standards for Interoperability
Poster Display / Talking Posters
海報展示 / 海報講述
Auditorium Foyer, 3/F
3:00 PM to 3:30 PM
3:00 PM
Building an Integrated Health Care Service Infrastructure
Ir Clifford TSE, Managing Director, Mobigator Technology Group
(20 min)
Creating A New Dimension in Hospital Management
With Privacy & Data Secured by RFID Positioning & Encryption Technologies
Professor WU Ke-Li, Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
(20 min)
The Wuhan project, part of the grand plan
Dr HO Chung Ping, MH, JP, Chairman, Information Technology Committee, Hong Kong Medical Association
(15 min)
Moderator: Ms Ingrid AU區菁琪小姐
Description: A Private Hospital Roundtable will be held where representatives of HIT solution service providers and private hospitals CIO will share with the audience the experience and challenges of different implementation approaches, eHR sharing from the private hospitals’ perspective and more.
Language: English
Dr KM Choy, Consultant (Public-Private-Partnership), Food and Health Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR
Mr Ricky CHAN, Managing Director, Fresenius Netcare Asia Pacific
Mr Johnny HO, Project Manager of IT, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
Mr Alan YOUNG, Principal Information Officer, Caritas I.T. Advancement Centre, Caritas-Hong Kong
Mr Pascal TSE, CIO, St Teresa’s Hospital, Hong Kong
Incorporating information architecture in the design of electronic nursing patient assessment form to support continuity of care along the patient journey
Ms Veronica Yuk Sai HUNG, Health Informatician, Information Technology Services, Hong Kong Hospital Authority
(15 min)
Development of HL7/CDA Standard Implementation Guides and Sample Codes for Medical Record Exchange
Prof HUANG Ean-Wen, Professor, Information Management, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (15 min)
Building and Harvesting Benefits from the Electronic Patient Record (ePR) Rich Information Source
Ms WU Sau Ying, Health Informatician, Information Technology Service, Hong Kong Hospital Authority(15 min)
Simplify Healthcare Integration
Mr Gary FUNG, Senior Integration Consultant (15 min)
Moderator: Ms Anna TONG 唐綺霞醫生
4:00 PM
Break 小休
Plenary Sessions (Auditorium, 3/F; 702 pax)
全體會議(3樓演講廳; 702座位)
4:10 PM
Keynote Speech*: Making HIT "Brain Friendly" - Optimizing Cognitive Technology and Distributed Cognition in Medicine and Healthcare
Dr Itiel DROR, Cognitive Neuroscientist, University College London (UCL) and Principal Consultant, Cognitive Consultants International (CCI)
倫敦大學學院 認知神經科學家 及 Cognitive Consultants International (CCI) 首席顧問 Itiel DROR 博士
Moderator: Dr Winnie TANG鄧淑明博士
4:40 PM
Keynote Speech*: Hong Kong's eHR and CMS: what we have learnt so far
Dr CHEUNG Ngai-Tseung, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Hong Kong Hospital Authority and
Consultant (eHealth), Food & Health Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
香港醫院管理局 醫療信息總監 及 電子健康記錄統籌處 顧問醫生(電子病歷) 張毅翔醫生
Moderator: Dr Winnie TANG鄧淑明博士
5:10 PM
Closing Ceremony閉幕典禮*
Best Presenter Awards Ceremony 最佳演講獎頒獎典禮
Closing Remarks 閉幕詞
Lucky Draw 抽獎環節
5:30 PM
End of Forum 論壇完滿結束