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Your hospital may face complex challenges in providing quality care. Whether it’s complying with regulations, enhancing the security and efficiency of your processes or reducing your operating costs, you need a technology partners who is fully aware of your priorities and can help you move forward. For nearly 50 years, HP has continually led the way in high-tech innovations for the healthcare industry. We use our unrivaled expertise to create IT solutions that facilitate efficient and cost-effective operations --- a truly digital hospital to help you achieve your objectives.

The new HP Digital Health solutions are based on HP’s extensive portfolio of products, solutions and partnerships. It enables health organizations to accelerate change and innovation, advance operational efficiencies and orchestrate care across the ecosystem. In short, it helps healthcare organizations become Instant-On Enterprises.

The HP Digital Health solution portfolio includes:

  • HP Digital Hospital 2.0 – HP Digital Hospital holistically addresses the technology needs of the most complex and critical elements of care delivery for in-patient settings. Now updated to include an expanded solution framework and formal reference architectures, HP Digital Hospital uses technology convergence to create a highly integrated, pervasive, real-time information environment.
  • HP Health Solution Center – Located in Plano, Texas, this new facility allows HP and its customers and partners to collaborate in a robust information and communication technology environment. The center enables rich demonstration and evaluation capabilities critical to advancing the development of open, industry-standard healthcare solutions and technologies.
  • HP V-Health (Virtual Health Management) – This new solution set focuses on the outpatient and home environment, delivering tools that enable healthcare organizations to link patient “teams” to monitor health and deliver care to patients wherever it is needed.

HP Digital Hospital 2.0 + V-Health Solutions enable care coordination across the healthcare ecosystem, which includes hospitals, ambulatory clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and physician offices. In a world of continuous connectivity, the Instant-On Enterprise embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners, and citizens with whatever they need, instantly. The HP Digital Health solution portfolio provides a clear vision and blueprint of how health organizations can improve operational efficiencies, speed innovations into practice, minimize risk as well as improve quality of care. For more details, please visit: